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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FAQ – your questions and our answers about escort. Here are just a few of the most asked questions. If your question is not there, do not hesitate and use the contact form or write us an email – our employees look forward to being able to help you.


You can find information and FAQ for applicants on our page “Become an escort”

How is discretion guaranteed?2020-02-04T17:29:21+01:00

The agency’s discretion is 100% guaranteed. We process all of your information exclusively as part of the provision of the services and also do not pass them on to third parties. In addition, all escort ladies are extremely discreet. We want the same from our gentlemen, because: “A gentleman is silent and enjoys”. Of course, you are welcome to recommend our agency to others.

When and how do I book best ?2020-02-04T17:28:08+01:00

You have several options to book a lady. You can send a request by phone, email or directly using the booking form. The best booking period is long-term up to about a week before the desired date. So we can better guarantee the availability of the lady. But we will of course also process short-term booking inquiries as quickly as possible and do our best to organize your date.

How do I get VIP access? FAQ2020-02-04T17:27:11+01:00

If we have already welcomed you as a customer and have also successfully arranged a date for you, you can apply for VIP access immediately. Just talk to us about it! With a VIP access you can see the uncensored pictures of the ladies. So you see the face of the independent escort women. You will also be automatically added to our monthly newsletter. As a result, you are always up to date with the special promotions of our ladies

Feedback is welcome! NOIR escort2020-02-04T17:26:32+01:00

Your feedback helps us to get better, so we ask you to share your experiences after a date. Be it about the hotel or the agency, the lady or her experiences. After your approval we will publish the feedback (of course anonymously!) To make it easier for other guests to choose the lady! Of course we are also open to constructive criticism and look forward to your evaluation.

When do I have to pay a deposit and travel expenses?2020-02-04T17:25:42+01:00

A deposit is due if you book the date outside of the lady’s hometown. In addition, if you book the date for a longer period and we do not know you as a customer at the beginning. You can transfer this down payment via PayPal to a neutral trust account. We have a power of attorney for all women in this case.

Travel expenses are due if you book the lady outside of her home base. For some women, by the way, also in their home base, since they may live outside of a big city. The travel expenses mainly cover the costs of the journey, the increased expenditure of time and a mileage allowance when arriving by car. We calculate flight and train tickets as well as taxi costs separately. You can look up detailed information directly in the profile of the respective lady.

What services are included in the fee? FAQ2020-02-04T17:24:58+01:00

The respective fee only includes the booked time that the independent NOIR escort lady will spend with you. In addition, the lady decides for herself what services she provides. This guarantees you a unique experience where ladies and gentlemen have fun. The amount of the fee has been determined by the independent escort herself and is also not negotiable. All of our escort models are self-employed and are not employees of NOIR Escort. The agency only provides agency services. The escort ladies act in their own name and for their own account, all fees include the applicable VAT of 19%.

How can I pay for the NOIR escort lady? FAQ2020-02-04T17:23:53+01:00

Payment – Please pay the escort lady in cash and in € directly on the date. If you want to pay in another currency, please clarify this with the agency beforehand. As long as it has been agreed, our ladies also accept US dollars, Swiss francs and British pounds. In the case of foreign currencies, the exchange rate of the respective day must be observed in any case. In short – please hand over the agreed fee and any travel expenses to the escort lady in an open envelope at the beginning of the date.

Prostitution Protection Law – what is changing for the customer? FAQ2020-02-04T17:23:00+01:00

First of all, the “ProstSchG” serves to legally regulate the legal relationships of prostitutes in Germany. Since 01.07.2017 there have been some changes that also affect the escort industry. For you as a customer, however, not much changes except the newly introduced statutory condom requirement. What does that mean? The use of condoms during sexual intercourse and anal intercourse has always been compulsory. With the new regulation in the Prostitution Protection Act, this obligation now also applies to all types of oral sex. Examples of restricted services are “BJ with admission” and “French nature”. These services may no longer be offered by escort women and we ask you to respect them and not to press the lady accordingly.

What if I don’t like the escort lady or if I imagined the date differently?2020-02-04T17:21:24+01:00

Should this happen, speak to the escort lady at the beginning of the date. You reimburse the lady for the travel expenses and any time already spent. All of our ladies let you talk professionally and you will find a solution together. We are happy to advise you personally in advance and, based on your wishes and ideas, decide together which lady is right for you. The escort lady can also find a reason to cancel the date prematurely. The lady decides at her own discretion and will immediately inform the agency about it.

Can I visit an escort lady from NOIR Escort or ask for her number?2020-02-04T17:20:27+01:00

No, because unlike other prostitutes, escort ladies are not visitable and also only available for the outcall. We ask you not to ask the lady for private information. The ladies see questions about cell phone number, email address or the right name as a restriction of their privacy. Since the ladies guarantee you maximum discretion, we would like to ask you to take this into account also with the ladies. Incidentally, all of our ladies have a normal job alongside the escort job and pay great attention to their anonymity.

If you would like to see the lady again or leave her a message, feel free to contact us. We will forward your messages as soon as possible.